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These are the times of buses on the main routes out of Puerto Pollensa. Return tickets are only available on longer journeys e.g. to Inca or Palma, there are normally no half fares for children but those under three years of age travel free. The main bus stop in the Port is near the roundabout by the marina (times below are when buses leave this point) but buses also stop at other points where you can see the BUS signs or shelters. Destinations are clearly marked at the front of the bus. Please note that this is a SUMMER timetable and valid only from May 1st to October 31st Puerto Pollensa to Pollensa

  Monday to Friday

06.25 07.15 08.00 08.40 09.15 10.15 11.00 12.10 12.45 13.20 14.30 15.00 15.40 16.30 17.00 18.00 18.30 19.30 20.20 20.45 Saturday

07.55 09.30 10.25 11.00 12.30 12.55 14.00 15.25 16.30 17.15 17.55 19.00 19.30 20.25 20.45 Sunday (and Public Holidays)

08.00 08.45 10.00 11.00 11.45 12.55 13.30 14.30 16.30 17.55 18.45 19.30 20.25 21.45 Pollensa to Puerto Pollensa Monday to Friday

05.50 06.45 07.30 08.30 09.45 10.00 11.15 12.00 13.30 14.15 14.30 15.15 16.15 16.45 18.00 19.05 19.45 20.15 Saturday

07.15 08.30 09.00 10.00 11.30 12.00 13.15 14.00 14.30 15.15 16.45 18.00 19.00 20.00 Sunday (and Public Holidays)

07.30 08.15 09.30 10.15 11.00 12.00 13.00 14.00 16.00 17.00 18.00 19.00 19.45 21.30 Journey time: 10-15 minutes. Fare: 1.006.* All buses in Mallorca are changing over to bright red and yellow livery with the letters "tib" (Transports de les Illes Balears) prominently displayed. The company which provides this service, Villalonga, has its name on the vehicles, too, and on the buses which have not yet been repainted but are still being used. These are dark blue single-deckers or blue coach-style vehicles. In Puerto Pollensa they also stop near the bakery/Bar Juanito on the main Pollensa road (Juan XXJJI) and by the Habitat roundabout. Extra buses are often laid on at very busy times, eg Pollensa and Inca market days (Sundays and Thursdays respectively), and there are also a couple of very long vehicles, with a concertina joint, which are able to carry more passengers. Buses to Pollensa leave from Club del Sol on the coast road 15 minutes earlier than times stated from Puerto Pollensa.

Puerto Pollensa to Palma

Monday to Friday 07.15 09.15 11.00 14.30 17.00 Saturday 09.30 11.00 14.00 Sunday (and Public Holidays) 08.45 18.45

Palma to Puerto Pollensa Monday to Friday 09.00 11.00 13.30 17.00 19.15 Saturday 11.00 13.30 18.00 Sunday (and Public Holidays) 10.00 20.30

Journey time: 1 hour 15 minutes. Fare: 4.45€ single, 8.006 return (ida y vuelta).*

Buses are either the red and yellow livery of all Balearic Island transport or blue coach-style vehicles, often the extra-long variety, with the company name Villalonga on the side. They also stop at Pollensa town and Inca. Buses to Pollensa leave from Club del Sol on the coast road 15 minutes earlier than times stated from Puerto Pollensa. Journey time to Inca is 35 minutes, single 2.356, return 4.506 and extra buses going only this far are provided on Thursdays, Inca's market day. In Palma the bus station is in a street off Placa Espana. Walk back to the Placa for roads leading to the main shopping streets, cathedral and sea-front Paseo Maritime

Puerto Pollensa to Cala San Vicente

Monday to Saturday only

10.00 12.00 15.45 18.30 (18.15 on Saturday)

Cala San Vicente to Puerto Pollensa

Monday to Saturday only

09.30 10.15 12.15 16.00 18.15 (18.30 on Saturday) Journey time: 15 minutes. Fare: 1.006. * Buses are either bright red and yellow or dark blue single-deckers with Villalonga written on the side. The same company also operates a service between Cala San Vicente and Pollensa town so make sure on the return trip that your bus is going to PUERTO. There is no direct service between Cala San Vicente and Puerto Pollensa on a Sunday but buses still run between Cala and Pollensa town. The bus stop in Cala is opposite the Mini-Golf.

Puerto Pollensa to Sa Pobla (connecting with train to Palma)

Monday to Friday

06.25 08.45 11.05 13.20 15.40 18.00 20.20


07.50 10.20 12.45 15.15 17.45 20.15


12.45 17.45 20.15

Sa Pobla (train station) to Puerto Pollensa

Monday to Friday

07.05 09.25 11.45 14.00 16.20 18.40 21.00


08.30 11.00 13.25 15.55 18.25 20.55


13.25 18.25 20.55

Journey time: 40 minutes bus plus 50 minutes train. Fare: (combined ticket) 4.05€ single 8.006 return*:Buses, which are operated by the Villalonga company, are either bright red and yellow with "tib" written prominentlyon them or dark blue. They arrive at Sa Pobla station between five and 10 minutes before the departure of thetrain, and a similar time difference is allowed on the return journey. Buses also stop at Club del Sol, Llenaire and

Pollensa, train also stops at Inca.

Puerto Pollensa to Alcudia (town) - Linea 2 Buses are operated by the Autocares Mallorca company and are generally bright red and yellow in common with all public transport vehicles on the island, though occasionally green and cream single-deckers which have not yet been repainted may be used. Buses run daily every 15 minutes from 08.45 to 12.45 and 14.30 to 20.15 with an extra one thrown in at 13.45. All except the 13.45 go onto Puerto Alcudia and Can Picafort. Apart from the main sea-front bus stop, the service also stops by the Tamarells beach bar, Restaurant Llenaire, Club del Sol and Club Pollentia. Alcudia (town) to Puerto Pollensa Daily every 15mins from 08.30 to 13.30 and 15.00 to 20.00. Journey times: Alcudia town 15 minutes; Puerto Alcudia 25 minutes; Can Picafort 55 minutes. Fare: From 1.00€.* On the return journey be sure to ask for PUERTO POLLENSA since here, just Puerto means Puerto Alcudia.

Puerto Pollensa to Formentor - Linea 3

Monday to Saturday only 10.00 11.30 15.00 16.30 Formentor to Puerto Pollensa

Monday to Saturday only

10.45 12.00 15.30 17.30

Journey time: 20 minutes. Fare: 1.00€.*

Buses are either bright red and yellow, or green and cream

single-deckers like the Alcudia ones or pale blue vehicles

with the company logo for Autocares Mallorca on the side.

Puerto Pollensa to Puerto Soller - Linea 4

Monday to Saturday only 10.00 16.00

You can travel between Soller town and Puerto Soller by tram (there is a service each way every half hour) and/or make the hour-long trip to Palma from Soller on the electric railway with its quaint rolling stock. The train station is in the Plaça España in Palma.

Puerto Soller to Puerto Pollensa

Monday to Saturday only 09.00 15.00

Journey time: 2 hours. Fare: 6.30€ single, 12.506 return.* Buses are either red and yellow or pale blue coach-style vehicles with the company logo for Autocares Mallorca along the side, and from Puerto Pollensa go via Cala San Vicente before heading on past the Roman Bridge side of Pollensa, up the mountains to Lluc and its monastery (journey time: 50 mins, single fare 2.856) and down the other side to Soller town and its port. This service starts from Can Picafort so there will be some passengers on board before it reaches Puerto Pollensa, but if no one is wanting to alight at Cala San Vicente, the driver liaises with the La Calobra service (see below) and the detour here may be avoided. Traffic and timetable permitting, the bus pauses at one of the scenic spots en route to allow the impressive views to be admired and photographs to be taken through the windows. At Puerto Soller the return pick-up is at the marina where passengers are dropped off. In Soller town, the return pick-up is normally on the main road at the outskirts of the town centre but it is advisable to check with the driver as the exact bus stop location can be affected by road works and diversions.

Puerto Pollensa to La Calobra - Linea 5

Monday to Saturday only


La Calobra to Puerto Pollensa

Monday to Saturday only 15.00

Journey time: 2 hours 45 minutes, but this includes a one hour stop in Lluc. Fare: 4.906 single, 9.506 return.* Vehicles are either red and yellow or pale blue/white minibuses - the better to negotiate winding mountain roads. The bus, which has started its journey in Can Picafort, goes via Cala San Vicente before taking the mountain road from Pollensa. If you only want to go as far as Lluc (journey time: 50 mins) the single fare is 2.806* (no returns available) and the bus stops there on its return leg at 16.00 — but be at the stop in good time since it doesn't hang about on the way back. Also be advised that Lluc is high up in the mountains and so will be cooler than Puerto Pollensa.